To be pretty much transparent, I am from West Auckland, New Zealand and have grown up here most of my life. I am 1/4 Cornish, 1/4 Celt and half Kiwi, which literally means I am a Celtic flightless bird (and happy about that status). Art and writing have been embedded in my being for an age, having always been my refuge, my quiet, my spice and just mine to share with whom I choose. Over the years I have watched people write and publish, and decided that now was the time to dive or belly flop into the world of blogging. So in the moments my babe sleeps I am here..writing, re-writing, commending and criticising myself, which is a superb way to have an authentic inner conversation and discover all those over-exaggerated tales you want to tell and tales you probably shouldn’t tell, and most of all realise that you have had (to date), quite a rad life*

I have two boys who are ridiculously delish and whose cheeks you have to squeeze from time to time because they just goddamn deserve it. A house full of paintings and folded bubble wrap, toys, cushions, books, people and assorted ceramic collections. Love tea and coffee with a good slice of date loaf or just good old dark chocolate (to keep my brain cells caffeinated), and on a day to day basis am chauffeur to my boys, run errands for our Architectural home business, spend a little time on my own small business and generally run a slow paced marathon daily…and I love it in all its glorious chaos, minus the increasing number of grey hairs.

My small business¬† ‘JK made‘ is coming along nicely, and I have a very small home studio, called a dining table, from which I create* Please visit my site if you are intrigued, nosey, are interested in the Arts, or all of the prior.


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